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The Longest Penalty Shot in the World

OT: El penalti más largo del mundo

Roberto Santiago // Spain, 2005
Fiction Feature // FF2005



Penalty! The goalkeeper lies injured on the ground and irate fans invade the pitch. The match is abandoned and the penalty postponed. Reserve keeper Fernando, who is actually more interested in romantic conquests, has exactly one week in which to learn how to tie his bootlaces again – the club’s pending promotion is at stake!


Roberto Santiago, born in 1968, director. His films include"The Longest Penalty Shot in the World" ( 2005) and "Suicide’s Club" (2007).


El penalti más largo del mundo

Fiction Feature





101 min


Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago

Fernando Tejero, María Botto, Marta Larralde, Carlos Kaniowsky

Gerardo Herrero, Tedy Villalba

Juan Antonio Castaño

Fernando Pardo

Lucio Godoy

Federico García Cambero

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