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The Other Day

OT: El otro día

Ignacio Agüero // Chile, 2012
Documentary Feature // FF2013



Chilean film maker Ignacio Agüero begins filming objects in his flat that are connected to the history of his family and his country. But the outside world keeps intruding on his private film setting: beggars wanting something to eat, friends, neighbours, delivery men or young graduates looking for a job. Soon, Agüero turns the tables on them and asks his guests whether he may be their guest and accompany them to their homes, setting out on excursions into dangerous parts of town and lives: corrugated iron shacks, drugs. shootings. A journey from the inner world of one’s thoughts into the outer world of the present.


Ignacio Agüero (1952) works as a director, writer, producer and actor. In 1988, he was of the initiators of the legendary "¡No!" campaign that led to the end of the Pinochet regime in Chile.



El otro día

Documentary Feature





122 min

OV with English subtitles

Ignacio Agüero

Ignacio Agüero

Ignacio Agüero, Amalric de Pontcharra

Ignacio Agüero, Arnaldo Rodríguez, Gabriel Díaz, Claudia Serrano

Sophie França

US and North America sales: Icarus Films / Jonathan Miller

Ignacio Agüero & Asociado

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