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The Future Perfect

OT: El Futuro Perfecto

Nele Wohlatz // Argentina, 2016
Hybrid // FF2017
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HYBRID Xiaobin is 17 and doesn’t speak a word of Spanish when she arrives in Argentina. While her family live in their own parallel universe, the young woman would like to communicate with her environment and registers for a language course. With each conjugation that she learns, she gains something: a job, friends, love. When Xiaobin starts practising the conditional forms, she starts thinking about her future and gets increasingly involved in the further development of the film’s screenplay. The Future Perfect is a clever game of future options and possible identities and is based on a real encounter between the director and the protagonist in a language course.


NELE WOHLATZ (*1982) studied scenography at the Karlsruhe University for Arts and Design and film at the Torcuato di Tella University in Buenos Aires. In 2013, her debut feature Ricardo Bär won an award at the Marseille international film festival.



El Futuro Perfecto


Mandarin, Spanish




65 min

OV with English subtitles

Nele Wohlatz

Nele Wohlatz

Xiaobin Zhang, Saroj Kumar Malik, Mian Jiang, Dong Xi Wang, Nahuel Pérez Biscayart

Cecilia Salim, Nele Wohlatz

Roman Kasseroller, Agustina San Martín

Ana Godoy

Federico Orio

Kasia Karwan, The Moonshot Company

Murillo Cine

Nele Wohlatz: nele@wohlatz.eu

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