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A Hole in the Wall

OT: El agujero en la pared

David José Kohon // Argentina, 1982
Fiction Feature // FF2010



A bachelor dreams of a career as a photographer. His big chance comes when he meets a man called Mephi who puts a hole in the wall and introduces the young man to a world of wild fantasies. To fullfill his wishes the young man throws all of his moral bindings over board. Then Mephi wants to make a deal with him: Prosperity in exchange for his soul.


David José Kohon (*1919, † 2004)was a fimcritic and novelist. Characteristical forhis works is the search for poetry and dreams.Kohon emigrated to Israel where he worked asa journalist.


El agujero en la pared

Fiction Feature


Argentinien Deluxe//FF2010



115 min


David José Kohon

David José Kohon

Alfredo Alcón, Mario Alarcón, María Noel, Walter Santa Ana

Héctor Collodoro

Alberto Borello

Lito Vitale

Miguel Ángel Lumaldo

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