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Eine Hand wäscht die andere

OT: Eine Hand wäscht die andere

Hermine Huntgeburth // Germany, 2012
Fiction Feature // FF2012



Tax inspector Chlodwig Pullmann (Ulrich Noethen) is happy in his small town in Northern Germany.When he has to investigate companies’ tax returns, he does it in his own special way – if desired not at all.This has made Pullmann not only very popular, he is in harmony with his fellow citizens, whose private contacts between the worlds of business and politics make life easier.Jakob Kronibus (Alexander Scheer) Pullmann’s new young boss, however, demands more efficiency from his subordinates – immediately. Switching between the real and the grotesque, the film’s witty dialogues and congenial characters sketch a scenario of everyday corruption that hits the spot.


HERMINE HUNTGEBURTH (*1955) is one of Germany's best-known female directors and was last presented in the TV section at FILMFEST HAMBURG in 2015 with Einmal Hallig and zurück.


Eine Hand wäscht die andere

Fiction Feature





89 min


Hermine Huntgeburth

Volker Einrauch, Lothar Kurzawa

Ulrich Noethen, Steffi Kühnert, Peter Lohmeyer, Alexander Scheer, Katja Danowski, Wolf-Dietrich Sprenger, Waldemar Kobus, Kristo Feric, Nina Kaiser, Jan Peter Heyne, Frank Auerbach, Tristan Seith, Neil Malik Abdullah, Aljoscha Stedaelmann, Benjamin Morik

Hermine Huntgeburth, Volker Einrauch, Lothar Kurzawa

Michael Wiesweg

Eva Schnare

Stefan Mertin, Martin Hornung

Sabine Pawlik

Sabine Holtgreve (NDR), Georg Steinert (arte)

Josefine Filmproduktion

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