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Eine Frage des Vertrauens

OT: Eine Frage des Vertrauens (AT Marie in Weiss)

Miguel Alexandre // Germany, 2009
Fiction Feature // FF2009



Once again, Marie Hansen (Silke Bodenbender) has flunked her preliminary medical examination. It means she will no longer be permitted to study medicine – which she dare not tell her ambitious parents. Years later, she is working as an assistant doctor at the children’s ward in a Hamburg hospital, and has become an accomplished expert on mucoviscidosis, trusted by her boss, Professor Lärchenfeld (Peter Kremer). Then she falls in love with Jan (Wotan Wilke Möhring), the father of her little patient Jonas. But her luck is like a castle built on sand…


Miguel Alexandre, born in Faro/Portugal, director, producer, author. His early short film "About War" (1993) brought him an Oscar nomination, his movie "Gran Paradiso" brought him fame. His TV movies include "Die Patin" (2008), "Die Frau vom Checkpoint Charlie" (2007) and "Grüße aus Kaschmir" (2004), for which he won the Adolf Grimme Preis.


Eine Frage des Vertrauens (AT Marie in Weiss)

Fiction Feature





90 min


Miguel Alexandre

Annette Hess

Silke Bodenbender, Katharina Marie Schubert, Wotan Wilke Möhring, Hermann Beyer

Jutta Lieck-Klenke, Dietrich Kluge

Jörg Widmer

Tobias Forth

Wolfram de Marco

Thomas Franz


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