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An Iron Box

OT: Eine eiserne Kassette

Nils Olger // Austria, Germany, 2018
Documentary Feature // FF2019
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DOCUMENTARY A grandson follows the murderous trail left by his grandfather 70 years previously. After the death of his grandfather, Nils Olger is given an iron box by his grandmother. It contains rolls of photographic negatives. “Now you have all our secrets,” she tells him. The pictures give an impression of the events that the grandfather must have been involved in as a member of SS. Olger follows the trail of the negatives and visits the original locations in Austria, Hungary, Italy. It is the attempt by a descendant to augment the memories of his grandfather with the elements he never knew and with the help of the negatives to create a bigger picture.


NILS OLGER (*1976) studied post-conceptual art practices, new media and sociology. He lives and works as a film-maker and artist in Vienna and is active in film, political, journalistic and performance collectives. An Iron Box is his debut full-length film.



Eine eiserne Kassette

Documentary Feature

German, Italian, Hungarian, Romanian


Austria, Germany


102 min

OV with English subtitles

Nils Olger

Nils Olger

Ingeborg Jürgenssen, Olaf Johann Oskar Jürgenssen, Eliseo Federici, Egidia Giuntoni, Friedhelm Frischenschlager, Andrea Quartieri, Celso Battaglia, Carlo Gentile, Roberto Oligeri, Giorgio Mori,

Nils Olger

Nils Olger, Juri Schaden, Thomas Marschall

Nils Olger

Vinzenz Schwab


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