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Eine Braut kommt selten allein

OT: Eine Braut kommt selten allein

Buket Alakus // Germany, 2017
TV Series // FF2017



One day, Johnny, a failed club owner (Sido), finds a young Roma woman called Sophia on his doorstep. She claims to have come straight from Belgrade, where she ran away from her wedding. Although he barely knows the woman and doesn’t speak her language, he takes her in. Soon, they become a couple. When Sophia stars feeling homesick, Johnny is prepared to invite her parents to visit. This turns his already complicated life upside down, as it’s not just Mama and Papa who come to stay, but the whole clan. A turbulent comedy about the many facets of ready hospitality.


BUKET ALAKUS (*1971) studied film direction in Hamburg and was awarded a Grimme Prize for Offside (2005). The last film of hers to be shown at FILMFEST HAMBURG was Einmal Hans mit scharfer Soße in 2013.


Eine Braut kommt selten allein

TV Series





89 min


Buket Alakus

Laila Stieler

Paul "Sido" Würdig, Michelle Barthel, Petra Schmidt-Schaller, Rauand Taleb, Mitzi Kunz, Tristan Seith

Marc Conrad, Maren Knieling

Andreas Höfer

Andreas Radtke

Stephan Römer

Anke Osterloh

Cooky Ziesche

Bavaria Fernsehproduktion Berlin und ConradFilm im Auftrag des Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg

Maren Knieling, Bavaria Fernsehproduktion Berlin: maren.knieling@bavaria-film.de

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