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Ein großer Aufbruch

OT: Ein großer Aufbruch

Matti Geschonneck // Germany, 2015
TV Series // FF2015
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After a full life whose end he wants to determine himself, patriarch Holm Hardenberg (Matthias Habich) invites his family and close associates to his picturesque country house on the Chiemsee lake in Bavaria in order to take his leave. Here, Hardenberg’s daughters Marie (Ina Weisse) and Charlotte (Katharina Lorenz), his ex-wife Ella (Hannelore Elsner) and his best friends Adrian (Edgar Selge) and Katharina (Ulrike Kriener) meet. But the original idea of a harmonious concourse turns into a ruthless settling of scores.


MATTI GESCHONNECK (*1952) is one of Germany's best-known directors and was last at FILMFEST HAMBURG n the TV section in 2012 with Tod einer Polizistin.


Ein großer Aufbruch

TV Series





90 min


Matti Geschonneck

Magnus Vattrodt

Matthias Habich, Ina Weisse, Hannelore Elsner, Katharina Lorenz, Edgar Selge, Ulrike Kriener, Matthias Brandt

Wolfgang Cimera, Silke Schulze-Erdel

Martin Langer

Eva Schnare

Marco und Robert Meister

Thomas Freudenthal

Reinhold Elschot, Stefanie von Heydwolff (ZDF)

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