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As in Heaven

OT: Du som er i Himlen

Tea Lindeburg // Denmark, 2021
Fiction Feature // FF2021
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A night that changes everything: the adaptation of the Danish novel »A Night of Death« by Marie Bregendahl is a densely atmospheric drama. The late 19th century. 14-year old Lise lives with her family on a farm. She is the eldest child and the first in her family to go to school. The girl is full of confidence about her future life. When her heavily pregnant mother goes into labour, it’s soon clear that something is wrong. Night falls and the complications show no sign of easing. Lise senses that she started this day a child, but will end it a woman, the woman of the household.



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TEA LINDEBURG (*1977) studied film at the University of New York and the Danish film school Super16. She adapted her podcast »Equinox 1985« in 2020 for Netflix. As In Heaven is her debut feature.


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Du som er i Himlen

Fiction Feature





86 min

OV with English subtitles

Tea Lindeburg

Tea Lindeburg

Flora Ofelia Hoffmann Lindahl, Ida Cæcilie Rasmussen, Palma Lindeburg Leth, Anna-Olivia Øster Coakly

Lise Orheim Stender, Jesper Morthorst

Marcel Zyskind

Peter Albrechtsen, Kim Dalum

Åsa Mossberg

Kristian Leth

Jesper Clausen

Nina Grønlund

Anja Philip, Jette Termann


Motor APS

Cécile Desaint, Danish Film Institute: ceciled@dfi.dk


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