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Dry Martina

OT: Dry Martina

Che Sandoval // Chile, Argentina, 2018
Fiction Feature // FF2018
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A forgotten singer rediscovers her sexuality – and a branch of the family. A very funny, lusty comedy from Chile.In the 1990s, Martina was a star in Argentina, nowadays no-one recognizes her on the street any more. Alone, burnt-out and sexually frustrated, she awaits her 40th birthday. Her life takes an unexpected twist when Francisca rings her doorbell: an ardent fan who claims to be her sister. But what really gets Martina going is Francisca’s boyfriend César. Without further ado, she follows the couple to Chile and has then to deal with both her libido and her new family.


CHE SANDOVAL (*1985) comes from Santiago, Chile. His debut film You think you're the prettiest (but you're the sluttiest) (2009) achieved cult status in his home country.



Dry Martina

Fiction Feature



Chile, Argentina


90 min

OV with English subtitles

Che Sandoval

Che Sandoval

Antonella Costa, Patricio Contreras, Geraldine Neary, Pedro Campos, Héctor Morales

Florencia Larrea, Gregorio González, Hernán Musaluppi, Natacha Cervi

Benjamín Echazarreta

César Custodio

Gabriel Chwojnik

Nicolas Oyarce

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Forastero; Rizoma

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