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Dear Comrades!

OT: Dorogie tovarishchi!

Andrei Konchalovsky // Russian Federation, 2020
Fiction Feature // FF2021
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In stark, sharp monochrome, past master Andrei Konchalovsky remembers an event that if it had been up to the government would have been wiped from our memories: the bloody suppression of a workers’ uprising in Novocherkask in 1962. When the blood can’t be removed with water because it’s been burned into the street by the summer heat, the leadership orders it to be covered with new asphalt. All traces of the massacre should disappear. One of the few witnesses is Lyudmila, who sees the army open fire on the workers from a locomotive factory demonstrating against rising food prices. Among them is her daughter, who disappears in the ensuing chaos. Lyudmila has to face the contradictions of being both a loyal communist and a despairing mother.


ANDREI KONCHALOVSKY (*1937) is one of Russia’s leading film and theatre directors. His film The White Nights of Postman Alexei Tryapizin was awarded the Silver Lion at Venice in 2014. Dear Comrades! won the Special Jury Prize at the same festival in 2020.


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Dorogie tovarishchi!

Fiction Feature



Russian Federation


120 min

OV with German subtitles

Andrei Konchalovsky

Andrei Konchalovsky, Elena Kiseleva

Julia Vysotskaya, Vladislav Komarov, Andrei Gusev, Yulia Burova, Sergei Erlish

Alisher Usmanov, Andrei Konchalovsky

Andrey Naidenov

Polina Volynkina

Sergei Taraskin, Karolina Maciejewska

Irina Ochina

Konstantin Mazur

Elina Ternyaeva

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