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Disco & Atomic War

OT: Disko ja tuumasõda

Jaak Kilmi // Estonia, 2009
Documentary Feature // FF2009



In 1971 a new television tower in Helsinki enabled the Estonian neighbours to receive Finnish TV. As a result, antennas sprouted from the rooftops in and around Tallinn by the thousands. Estonians were introduced to disco shows, freestyle dancing and Dallas. But the Estonian government struck back! A jamming transmitter was developed to stop the enemy transmissions. In the exact moment when J.R. was shot! A gripping documentary film about the struggle and subsequent defeat of a totalitarian system versus pop culture.


JAAK KILMI (*1973) studied film direction in Tallinn and made numerous commercials before turning to documentaries. The Dissidents is his third feature.



Disko ja tuumasõda

Documentary Feature

Estonian, Finnish, English, Russian

Agenda 09//FF2009



78 min


Jaak Kilmi

Kiur Aarma, Jaak Kilmi

Gerda Viira, Oskar Vuks, Toomas Pool, Jaan-Joosep Puusaag

Kiur Aarma

Manfred Vainokivi, Kristjan Svirgsden, Asko Kase

Lauri Laasik

Ardo Ran Varres

The Estonian Film Foundation, Uus 3, 10111 Tallinn, Estonia, Tel: +372 6 27 60 60, Fax: + 372 6 27 60 61, email: film@efsa.ee, www.efsa.ee


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