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Tell Me Who I Am

OT: Dimmi chi sono

Sergio Basso // Italy, Germany, 2018
Documentary Feature // FF2019
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Bollywood in a refugee camp: in this documentary musical, refugees sing about loss of identity – without pathos, but with a healthy portion of irony. In 1990, one sixth of the Bhutan population – Nepalese nationals – were deported after demanding more rights. Since then, these people have lived in a refugee camp in Nepal – and are now being “resettled” in the USA, Australia or Norway. For 13-year old Sarita, who was born in the camp, her forced emigration is the beginning of an odyssey and the search for what is home. Director Sergio Basso has put together her and many other destinies and developed a musical with the inhabitants of the camp that tells of their difficult situation.


SERGIO BASSO (*1975) began his career in the theatre and lived for years in China. His work often deals with the relationship between Asia and Europe, while another focus of his is on crossmedia projects.


Dimmi chi sono

Documentary Feature



Italy, Germany


89 min

OV with German subtitles

Sergio Basso

Sergio Basso

Sasha Biswas

Alessandro Borrelli

Rabin Acharya

Eric Schefter

Pivio & Aldo De Scalzi


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