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Die Zeit mit Euch

OT: Die Zeit mit Euch

Stefan Krohmer // Germany, 2014
Fiction Feature // FF2014
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A bittersweet comedy about a generation that never thought it would grow old. The newly retired TV journalist Paul lets himself go and becomes an increasing burden for his wife Christiane. Her friend Marlene is faced with a similar challenge, when her husband Klaus confesses that he has for years been conducting an affair with a younger woman who is now expecting his child. And the world of teacher Heiko and his wife Vera is turned on its head when he is diagnosed with a brain tumour. Three couples, six people and the recognition that in the end it’s only friendship that counts.


After studying film in Nuremberg and Ludwigsburg, STEFAN KROHMER (*1971) has directed numerous cinema and TV films mostly written by Daniel Nocke, including They’ve Got Knut (2003), Dutschke (2009) and Die Zeit mit Euch (2014). His two-parter Neu in Unserer Familie was shown in competition in the TV section of FILMFEST HAMBURG 2016.


Die Zeit mit Euch

Fiction Feature





90 min


Stefan Krohmer

Gabriele Kreis

Ulrike Kriener, Herbert Knaup, Leslie Malton, Henry Hübchen, Johanna Gastdorf, Ernst Stötzner, Franziska Hartmann

Heike Wiehle-Timm, Nikola Bock

Manuel Mack

Eva Schnare

Stefan Will

Iris Trescher-Lorenz

Claudia Luzius, Sascha Schwingel

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