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Die Tote im Moorwald

OT: Die Tote im Moorwald

Hans Horn // Germany, 2011
Fiction Feature // FF2011



A young woman moves to her mother’s native village. She is looking for her father whose identity her mother never revealed before she died. The swamps around the village are dark and brooding like the places and the people. Only her strange neighbour in the abandoned dairy opens up to her. But soon she doubts him too: Is he the murderer of the girls that have gone missing? The audience constantly has to fear for the heroine as her search for identity turns into a search for a killer.


Hans Horn (*1968) studied directing at the HFF in Munich. His movie Adrift – Open Water 2 made him known to a large cinema audience. Die Tote im Moorwald is his fourth movie for TV.


Die Tote im Moorwald

Fiction Feature





88 min


Hans Horn

Annika Tepelmann

Maria Simon, Franz Xaver Kroetz, Felix Klare, Gundi Ellert

Andreas Richter, Annie Brunner, Ursula Woerner, Nathalie Scriba, Felix von Poser

Torsten Breuer

Nicola Undritz

Siggi Mueller, Andrej Melita

Andreas Rudolph

Anja Helmling-Grob (ZDF)


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