Die Schatten, die dich holen • FILMFEST HAMBURG

Shadows from the past

OT: Die Schatten, die dich holen

Robert Dornhelm // Germany, Austria, 2010
Fiction Feature // FF2011



Vera became fund manager of the year, her husband and daughter are very proud of her. At an exclusive party that is thrown for her, Kurt, who has known Vera for a long time, appears. In the old days they were known as Lola and Alex. “Then” was Hamburg’s red light district, the Reeperbahn. Kurt went to prison because of Vera’s testimony, while she blossomed in her new life. Now he wants his piece of the cake. An exciting thriller evolves as Vera’s house of cards collapses.


Robert Dornhelm (*1947) studied at the film academy in Vienna. 1977 he received an Oscar for his debut documentary. His drama Requiem for Dominic was nominated for the Golden Globe. He lives in Los Angeles.


Die Schatten, die dich holen

Fiction Feature



Germany, Austria


90 min


Robert Dornhelm

Uli Brée

Aglaia Szyszkowitz, Bernhard Schir, André M. Hennike, Mavie Hörbiger, Emely Matschnig

Danny Krausz, Dr. Kurt Stocker, Isabelle Welter

Martin Gschlacht

Ingrid Koller

Roman Kariolou

Thomas Vögel

Dr. Klaus Lintschinger, Eva Allbauer (ORF), Dr. Manfred Hattendorf, Michael Sc


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