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Die Pfefferkörner

OT: Die Pfefferkörner

Klaus Wirbitzky // Germany, 2014
TV Series // FF2014



The Peppercorns are back! But first it’s time to say goodbye: Nina’s family are returning to Italy. The young detectives go on a boat trip on which not only Nina is robbed. Jessi and Luis are soon busy investigating, with help from Ceyda, the daughter of the ferrywoman. Niklas, the newest member of the gang who lives in a caravan, is also in difficulties, as his mother has been accused of stealing. It soon becomes clear that it’s not just a joke played by people at the campsite, but that someone is trying to frame her… Two new episodes from the 11th season of the kids’ detective series will be shown in exclusive premiere with actors and production team in attendance. Studio Hamburg invites everyone to a party in the festival tent outside the Abaton after the showing.



Die Pfefferkörner

TV Series





56 min


Klaus Wirbitzky

Anja Jabs, Jörg Reiter

Jaden Dreier, Merle de Villiers, Danilo Kamber, Emilio Sanmarino, Martha Fries, Carolin Garnier, Bruno Alexander

Holger Ellermann

Sandra Le Blanc, NDR

Studio Hamburg FilmProduktion

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