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Die Pfefferkörner

OT: Die Pfefferkörner

Andrea Katzenberger / Franziska Hörisch // Germany, 2013
TV Series // FF2013



RECOMMENDED FROM AGE 6: Die Pfefferkörner in the new series are logic specialist Nina, charming daredevil Max, expert climber Jessi and 10-year old brainbox Luis, whose parents are from Brazil. Together, the young detectives solve crimes in and around Hamburg harbour. In Alarm at School a series of mean practical jokes has to be investigated and when the group do some social work At the Old People’s Home, they discover a serious case of medical fraud. Two new episodes of the tenth series of NDR’s Die Pfefferkörner will be shown at an exclusive premiere with actors and production team attending. Afterwards there will be a party in the festival tent outside the Abaton cinema. Screening on 29.09. in attendance of: Andrea Katzenberger (Director), Franziska Hörisch (Director), Carolin Garnier, Bruno Alexander, Martha Fries, Emilio Sanmarino (Cast), Anja Jabs (Screenplay), Sybille Stellbrink (Producer)



Die Pfefferkörner

TV Series





56 min


Andrea Katzenberger / Franziska Hörisch

Anja Jabs / Andrea Katzenberger

Carolin Garnier, Bruno Alexander, Martha Fries, Emilio Sanmarino, Robin Huth

Sibylle Stellbrink

Hermann Dunzendorfer, Uwe Neumeister

Andreas Lupp, Nils Tünnermann

Sandra Le Blanc-Marissal

Studio Hamburg Film Produktion

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