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Die Pfefferkörner

OT: Die Pfefferkörner

Klaus Wirbitzky, Stephan Rick // Germany, 2010
TV Series // FF2010
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Episode “Das Silbergebiss” In “Das Silbergebiss” (script: Anja Jabs) the Pefferkörner get track of a criminal dentist. Sophie never thought that she might need braces. And nobody exept for Themba believes her that something at the dentist’s is suspicious. The Pfefferkörner shall help her to unmask the dentist, but her friends leave her alone. Only Themba stands by her side. Episode “Ein neues Team” Emma and Sophie Krogmann have moved to Hamburg, because their parents have taken over the tea comptoir. While Sophie is busy arranging her fashion corner, Emma buys an aquarium in the junk shop around the corner. When Emma and Fee, her dog, get into trouble with two men who are loading a hearse with cigarettes in the old warehouse district, she is relieved that three children come to her aid: Themba, Rasmus and Lina are convinced, that Emma has caught smugglers in the act.



Die Pfefferkörner

TV Series





56 min


Klaus Wirbitzky, Stephan Rick

Andrea Katzenberger

Katherina Unger, Coco Nima, Lale H. Mann, Julian Winterbach, Aurelia Stern

Holger Ellermann, Kerstin Ramcke, Angelika Paetow

Klaus Brix, Gerrit Armonies

Sönke Saalfeld

Studio Hamburg FilmProduktion

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