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The Cold Truth

OT: Die kalte Wahrheit

Franziska Meletzky // Germany, 2014
Fiction Feature // FF2014
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One night in Winter, young doctor Helen Liebermann (Petra Schmidt-Schaller) runs down 18-year old Moritz on a country road. An accident Helen could not avoid and the police soon close their investigation. But she can’t forget the mysterious circumstances of the accident. What was the victim doing, barefoot and coatless, cowering in the road? With the help of her lawyer (Rainer Bock) Helen begins to investigate what happened in the hours before the accident. Die kalte Wahrheit was inspired by a real case.


FRANZISKA MELETZKY (*1973) Born in Leipzig, she has made episodes for many TV series, including Dr. Psycho and Stromberg, Bloch and Tatort. Her last film to be shown at FILMFEST HAMBURG as Die kalte Wahrheit [The Cold Truth] in 2014.


Die kalte Wahrheit

Fiction Feature





89 min


Franziska Meletzky

Sarah Esser

Petra Schmidt-Schaller, Ann-Kathrin Kramer, Torben Liebrecht, Rainer Bock, Michael A. Grimm, Ruth Reinecke, Martin Lindow

Kim Fatheuer, Sam Davis

Bella Halben

Jürgen Winkelblech

Susan Jeanne DiBona

Bettina Schmidt

Daniel Blum

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