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Under the family tree

OT: Die Familie

Constanze Knoche // Germany, Poland, 2017
TV Series // FF2017
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Because of trouble at school, 16-year old Isabell’s single mum persuades her to take part in a self-knowledge seminar in the Sudeten Mountains. What begins as an unusual holiday adventure in an esoteric group, changes when one of the participants has a mental breakdown and disappears. Has the young woman left or is she the victim of a crime? Isabell is alarmed and begins to investigate the seminar and the other members. Her enquiries are met with a wall of silence. When the mutilated body of the woman who disappeared turns up, Isabell’s stay at the wildly romantic resort becomes a nightmare. A densely atmospheric psycho-thriller with impressive photography.


Since completing her studies, CONSTANZE KNOCHE (*1975) has worked as a freelance director for broadcasters including rbb and ZDF. In 2014, her film Sad Songs of Happiness was shown at FILMFEST HAMBURG


Die Familie

TV Series

English, German, Polish


Germany, Poland


92 min

OV with German subtitles

Constanze Knoche

Leis Bagdach, Constanze Knoche

Stephanie Amarell, Godehard Giese, Karin Hanczewski, Claudia Geisler-Bading, Emma Drogunova, Mirosław Baka

Leis Bagdach

Andreas Bergmann

Kai Minierski

Felix Andriessens

Katarzyna Slaska

Lucas Schmidt, Diana Kraus (ZDF)

Neufilm GmbH

Neufilm GmbH

Neufilm GmbH, ZDF - Das Kleine Fernsehspiel, Avantgarde Film Studio, Cinelight Spółka, LightBurst

Leis Bagdach, Neufilm: lbagdach@neufilm.com

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