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Detroit Wild City

OT: Detroit ville sauvage

Florent Tillon // France, 2010
Documentary Feature // FF2011
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The automobile industry jumpstarted Detroit’s rise and made it the most industrialized city in the United States. But because of changes in American society and population demographics, the city lay deserted for decades and urban prairies complete with falcon, deer and coyote turning the urban landscape into a B movie setting. Now an unexpected turn of events has created an environment where young people are moving back into the ruins of the former Detroit… are they a new kind of pioneer? Could this now be a way for America to be “rediscovered”?


Florent Tillon, (*1984) was born in New Caledonia, in the South Pacific Ocean. A self taught documentary filmmaker, he works and lives in Paris. He started to make films in 2007.



Detroit ville sauvage

Documentary Feature


Drei Farben Grün//FF2011



80 min


Florent Tillon

Pierre-Emmanuel Fleurantin

Florent Tilllon

Florent Tillon, Claire Atherton

Winter Family, William Basinski

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