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Big Dreams

OT: Deti Nagana

Dan Pánek // Czech Republic, 2023
Fiction Feature // FF2023



1998, the Czechs win Olympic gold in ice hockey. All the children dream of playing like Jagr or Hašek. Including 11-year old Dom. But his mother doubts whether he has the talent and his stepfather thinks he’s a loser. With the support of his grandfather, he starts up a team with his friends to play against the team from the next village. They have to train hard and prevail against all the doubters. Will Dom’s team manage a win?


We recommend the film for 9 years and older!


Dan Pánek (*1988) is a Czech screenplay writer, producer, film and theatre director.



Deti Nagana

Fiction Feature



Czech Republic


102 min

German overvoice

Dan Pánek

Dan Pánek

Tom Brenton, Johanka Racková, Hynek Čermák, Klára Issová, Fabián Šetlík

Dan Pánek, Jan Lengyel, Martin Beinhauer, Michal Viktorin, Petr Sekanina, Jan Lacina

David Ployhar

Jiří Klenka

Vasilis Skalenakis

Jiří Hájek

Tomáš Chlud

Visual Riders

Concept Film

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