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The Tabacconist

OT: Der Trafikant

Nikolaus Leytner // Austria, Germany, 2018
Fiction Feature // FF2018
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The film version of Robert Seethaler’s eponymous best-seller is a moving, disturbing coming-of-age story. Austria 1937: 17-year old Franz Huchel (Simon Morzé) leaves his home village on Lake Atter to begin an apprenticeship with tobacconist Otto Trsnjek (Johannes Krisch). Among the regular customers is Sigmund Freud (Bruno Ganz). When the boy falls in love with cabaret dancer Anezka (Emma Drogunova), he seeks the advice of the world-famous psychoanalyst – and discovers that the female sex is as much a mystery to Freud as it is to him. Franz resolves to fight for his love and is then caught up in the vortex of political events.


NIKOLAUS LEYTNER (*1957) is a director and screenplay writer and co-founder of Allegro Film, one of Austria's most successful film companies.



Der Trafikant

Fiction Feature



Austria, Germany


113 min

OV with English subtitles

Nikolaus Leytner

Klaus Richter, Nikolaus Leytner

Simon Morzé, Bruno Ganz, Johannes Krisch, Emma Drogunova, Regina Fritsch, Karoline Eichhorn, Michael Fitz

Dieter Pochlatko, Jakob Pochlatko, Ralf Zimmermann

Hermann Dunzendorfer

Bettina Mazakarini

Matthias Weber

Bertram Reiter

Claudia Grässel (ARD Degeto)

Tobis Film GmbH

Beta Cinema

Epo-Film; Glory Film

Charlotte Makris, Tobis Film GmbH: charlotte.makris@tobis.de

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