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Ulrich Tukur - Life of a Showman

OT: Der Schauspieler Ulrich Tukur

Eva Gerberding // Germany, 2019
Documentary Feature // FF2019



A sensitive portrait of an exceptional character closely connected to Hamburg. Ulrich Tukur is a true all-rounder. He sings, plays piano and accordeon, writes and embodies baddies very persuasively. The 61-year old actor loves change, movement and restlessness. The film accompanies Tukur through Germany, France, Italy and Greece and takes a look at the person behind the showman. It comprehensively documents his origins, the stepping-stones of his career and his reflections on theatre.


EVA GERBERDING has made numerous documentaries, such as The Romanovs (2013) and F.C. Gundlach – the Master of Fashion Photography (2017) and most recently the cinema documentary Auch Leben is eine Kunst – Der Fall Max Emden [Life is Also an Art Form – the Case of Max Emden] (2018).


Der Schauspieler Ulrich Tukur

Documentary Feature





60 min


Eva Gerberding

Eva Gerberding

Markus Augé, Marianne Schäfer

Jens Schade

Fritz Busse

Ulrich Tukur & Die Rhythmus Boys

Arno Blumenstock

Monika Schäfer (NDR)

Florianfilm GmbH für NDR/ARTE

Markus Augé, Florianfilm GmbH: markus.auge@florianfilm.de

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