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The Summit - Performing G20

OT: Der Gipfel - Performing G20

Rasmus Gerlach // Germany, 2017
Documentary Feature // FF2017



DOCUMENTARY The lasting memories of the G20 summit in Hamburg are above all the pictures of destruction and escalating violence, which largely overshadowed the peaceful demonstrations. At the same time, protest performances went down very well as a new form of demonstration – like “1000 Gestalten [1000 Creatures]” in which artists with clay-painted faces wandered the streets like zombies, or the “megaphone choir” which drew attention by means of spoken art delivered via loudhailer. The Summit – Performing G20 gathers the most impressive moments, talks to those taking part and those affected and paints a complex picture of the complicated days of the summit.


RASMUS GERLACH (*1963) studied visual communication at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg. FILMFEST HAMBURG has already shown several of his films, most recently Gefahrengebiete & andere Hamburgensien (2015), Timewings (2016) and Der Gipfel – Performing G20 (2017).



Der Gipfel - Performing G20

Documentary Feature


Hamburger Filmschau//FF2017



77 min


Rasmus Gerlach

Rasmus Gerlach

Rasmus Gerlach

Irene Bude, Svenja Baumgardt, Birgit Dunkel, Paul Kulms,Raphael Merkle, Mario Gehrke, Rasmus Gerlach

Rasmus Gerlach

Laurie Anderson

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