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The Boss is Dead

OT: Der Chef ist tot

Markus Sehr // Germany, 2015
TV Series // FF2016



The boss of a branch of a logistics company tells his staff that he’s going to have to fire one of them. To make his decision easier, he gives each employee the chance to prove their indispensability. The staff react with refusal, curses, hypocrisy and intrigues – and then one day their boss is found dead on the staircase. Inspector Maxi Schweiger (Fritzi Haberlandt) has to find out who has him on their conscience…


Markus Sehr (*1977) After training in Cologne and New York, he has been making films since 2003, including Eine Insel namens Udo (2007) and Friesland – Klootschießen (2015).


Der Chef ist tot

TV Series





89 min


Markus Sehr

Stefan Rogall

Fritzi Haberlandt, Petra Kleinert, Götz Schubert, Julia Hartmann, Lucas Prisor, Daniel Christensen, Guido Lambrecht, Rudolf Kowalski

Elke Ried, Thorsten Flassnöcker, Nina Altrogge

Stephan Schuh

Renata Salazar-Ivancan

Dominik Giesriegl

Katja Schlömer, Dagmar Wiggenhauser, Diana Strehlau

Martin R. Neumann (ZDF)

Zieglerfilm Köln GmbH für ZDF

Nina Altrogge, Zieglerfilm Köln GmbH: altrogge@zieglerfilmkoeln.de

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