Der Champagner Spion • FILMFEST HAMBURG

The Champagne Spy

OT: Der Champagner Spion

Nadav Schirman // Germany, Israel, 2006
Documentary Feature // FF2007



In 1960, 12-year-old Oded Gur Arie discovers his father is an agent for Mossad. Ordered to infiltrate a circle of German scientists working on weapons of mass destruction in Egpyt, he loses himself in his feigned identity as ex-Nazi millionaire. In 1965 the death sentence looms. Forty years on, Nadav Schirman interviews Oded and former Mossad agents, who paid a high personal price for espionage.



Der Champagner Spion

Documentary Feature

Hebrew, German, English, French

Agenda 07//FF2007

Germany, Israel


90 min


Nadav Schirman

Nadav Schirman

Eilon Ratzkovsky, Carl-Ludwig Rettinger

Itai Neeman

Joelle Alexis

Ran Bagno

Hans Robert Eisenhauer (ZDF/Arte)

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