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Demons in Paradise

OT: Demons in Paradise

Jude Ratnam // France, Sri Lanka, 2017
Documentary Feature // FF2017



DOCUMENTARY Sri Lanka, 1983: at the age of five, Jude Ratnam fled the massacre of the Tamil minority by the Sinhalese majority. 30 years later, he returns as a film-maker. Travelling on the same red train as during his escape, he looks for traces of the conflict that turned from a fight for independence into self-destructive terrorism. At the sites of past conflict, Ratnam’s memories rub shoulders with those of former fighters. With Demons in Paradise, a Tamil film-maker for the first time reveals his view of the history of the bloody civil war that didn’t end until 2009.


JUDE RATNAM (*1978) was born the son of a priest in Colombo, from where he had to flee as a child to the Northern, Tamil-controlled part of Sri Lanka. He worked for various NGOs before deciding to become a film-maker. He worked for ten years on his debut film Demons in Paradise, which premièred at the Cannes Festival.



Demons in Paradise

Documentary Feature

English, Tamil, Sinhala

Asia Express//FF2017

France, Sri Lanka


94 min

OV with English subtitles

Jude Ratnam

Jude Ratnam, Isabelle Marina

Julie Paratian

Chinthaka Somakeerthi, Mahinda Abeysinghe

Jeanne Oberson

Rajkumar Dharshan

Simon Gréau

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