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Dark Woods

OT: Das Geheimnis des Totenwaldes

Sven Bohse // Germany, 2019
Fiction Feature // FF2020
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A three-parter with an excellent cast about one of the most mysterious criminal cases in German post-war history. In the summer of 1989, the sister of Hamburg CID boss Thomas Bethge disappears from her house in Niedersachsen, near to where a series of double murders have been committed. The local police in Wesenburg seem out of their depth and Bethge faces the most difficult task of his life: he wants to find his sister, but as a member of the Hamburg police is not allowed to undertake investigations in Niedersachsen. Undeterred for more than three decades, Thomas Bethge investigates the mysterious case in the face of great resistance until, in retirement, he finally has a lead to the mysterious serial killer… FILMFEST HAMBURG is showing the first part of the three-parter.


SVEN BOHSE (*1977) studied Direction at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy. Since 2003 he has made numerous TV films, including Ku’damm 56 (2016). Tatort – Borowski and das Land zwischen den Meeren was shown in 2017 at FILMFEST HAMBURG


Das Geheimnis des Totenwaldes

Fiction Feature





90 min

OV with English subtitles

Sven Bohse

Stefan Kolditz

Matthias Brandt, Karoline Schuch, Silke Bodenbender, Nicholas Ofczarek, Hanno Koffler August Wittgenstein, Moritz Grove, Jenny Schily, Hildegard Schmahl Andreas Lust, Mirco Kreibich, Karsten Antonio Mielke, Janina Fautz, Anne Werner, Nadeshda Brennicke, Barbara Romaner, Pheline Roggan, Nikola Kastner uvm.

Marc Conrad, Maren Knieling, Jan Kaiser

Michael Schreitel

Ralf Herrmann

Julia Karg, Kai Minierski

Travis Stewart

Oliver Hoese

Maria Schicker

Christian Granderath (NDR), Sabine Holtgreve (NDR), Carolin Haasis (Degeto)

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