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Dark Night

OT: Dark Night

Tim Sutton // USA, 2016
Fiction Feature // FF2016
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A sultry summer’s day in a suburb in the USA. A handful of people are making it through the day. A teenager with no joy in his real life plays video games. A traumatised Iraq war vet fights for contact with his family. An immigrant tries not to attract attention, while a would-be model would like nothing better. The only thing these people have in common is their despair. But, as the sun goes down, they are all caught up in the same terrible event. Vaguely inspired by the 2012 killing spree in a cinema in Aurora, Colorado, the different episodes of the film come together to form a disturbing portrait of the USA and probes deep into the psyche of an insecure nation.


Tim Sutton is writer and director of the highly acclaimed Pavilion (2012) and Memphis (2013), which had its world premiere at the Venice film festival. He also teaches film at The New School in New York.



Dark Night

Fiction Feature





85 min


Tim Sutton

Tim Sutton

Robert Jumper, Anna Rose Hopkins, Eddie Cacciola, Rosie Rodriguez, Karina Macias, Aaron Purvis

Alexandra Byer

Hélène Louvart

Jeanne Applegate

Maica Armata

Bart Mangrum


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