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Cut Snake

OT: Cut Snake

Tony Ayres // Australia, 2015
Fiction Feature // FF2015



Melbourne in the 1970s: Sparra is looking to make a new start. He’s got a good job, a wonderful fiancée and a nice house outside of town. Everything seems perfect – until one day his past catches up with him. Pommie, his former cellmate, suddenly turns up to remind him of an old promise. Sparra’s bourgeois idyll and relationship fall more and more under the shadow of the cryptic yet charismatic Pommie, who has a strong reciprocal attraction for Sparra. He has to decide: which life, which love, means more to him? Cut Snake is a disturbing thriller full of unexpected twists and turns.


TONY AYRES (*1961) was born in Macau and grew up in Australia. His debut feature Walking on Water (2002) won the Teddy Award at the Berlinale. In recent years he has produced several TV series.



Cut Snake

Fiction Feature





94 min

OV with German subtitles

Tony Ayres

Blake Ayshford

Sullivan Stapleton, Alex Russell, Jessica De Gouw, Robert Morgan, Paul Moder, Jim Russell, Megan Holloway

Trevor Blainey, Michael McMahon

Simon Chapman

Andy Canny

Cornel Wilczek

Pro-Fun Media

Seville International

Matchbox Pictures

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