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White Fang

OT: Croc-Blanc

Alexandre Espigares // France, Luxembourg, USA, 2018
Animation // FF2018
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ANIMATION White Fang is a courageous wolfdog growing up in the snowy Yukon. Native Americans take the dog in and train him to be a sled dog. But the resentment of others forces their chief to sell White Fang. He is then misused in the settlement as a fighting dog until the sheriff is able to intervene and offer him a life free from fear. But does he really belong in the world of humans?


ALEXANDRE ESPIGARES lives in Wiesbaden and works as an animator and director. He was born in Luxemburg and graduated in 2000 from the Lycée Technique des Arts et Métiers. Together with Laurent Witz he won the Osc,ar for best animated short in 2014 for Monsieur Hublot. White Fang is his debut feature film.







France, Luxembourg, USA


85 min

OV with German subtitles

Alexandre Espigares

Philippe Loiret, Serge Frydman, Dominique Monfery

Stimmen: Nick Offerman, Rashida Jones, Paul Giamatti, Eddie Spears

Clément Calvet, Jérémie Fajner, Lilian Eche, Christel Henon, Marc Turtletaub, Peter Saraf

Patric Ducruet

Bruno Coulais

Stéphane Gallard (Künstl. Leitung)

Tobis Film GmbH

SC Films

CGI Studios; Circus; Gao Shan Pictures; Solidanim; Onyx Lux; Toonkit; TNZPV; EJT Labo; Gobi Studio; Protozoaire

Uta Peleikis, Tobis Film GmbH : uta.peleikis@tobis.de

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