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OT: Cornea

Jochem de Vries // Germany, Netherlands, 2014
Fiction Feature // FF2014
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One year ago, Thomas’ wife Els left him. On the surface, the 38-year old would appear to have accepted the break-up. The truth however is another matter: every morning, after Els has left the house, Thomas enters secretly, showers, smokes a cigarette in the garden and waters the plants. He sucks up the memories of his old life like an addict. But when he is partly responsible for the death of Els’ new partner and his unsuspecting ex-wife turns to him for support, Thomas’ precarious arrangement falls apart. He plunges ever deeper into a web of lies and guilt. Cornea is a dense, intense psychodrama.


Jochem de Vries (*1979) came to fame through his shorts Gesloten (2002), Villa de Ves (2004) and Missen (2009). Cornea is his debut feature.



Fiction Feature



Germany, Netherlands


85 min

OV with German subtitles

Jochem de Vries

Jochem de Vries

Juda Goslinga, Wendell Jaspers, Rifka Lodeizen

Michael Eckelt, Dirk Decker; Trent

Remko Schnorr

Manuel Rombley

Nina Müller & Max Schneider

Rosie Stapel

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