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Conspiracy of Silence

OT: Conspiracy of Silence

John Deery // United Kingdom, 2002
Fiction Feature // FF2003



Inspired by a true story, debut director John Deery tells a controversial tale of a young Irish priest, Daniel (Jonathan Forbes), accused of homosexual practice following another priest’s suicide. Forced to leave the seminary, he returns to his home town where he finds himself torn between his religious calling and his love for his old girlfriend, Sinead (Catherine Walker). A local journalist (Jason Barry) sees a link between the priest’s suicide and Daniel’s expulsion and sets about investigating the church’s conspiracy of silence. A film examining the consequences of celibacy for the Catholic church in the 21st century.



Conspiracy of Silence

Fiction Feature


Offizielles Programm//FF2003

United Kingdom


87 min


John Deery

John Deery

Jonathan Forbes, Jason Barry, Brenda Fricken, Hugh Bonneville

Davina Stanley

Jason Lehel

Janie Trevill

Stephen W. Parsons, Francis Haines

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