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OT: Cocote

Nelson Carlo de los Santos Arias // Argentina, Dominican Republic, Germany, Qatar, 2017
Fiction Feature // FF2017
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After his father is killed by an influential man, the Evangelical gardener Alberto returns to his home city for the first time in years to attend the funeral. He then however has to take part in religious ceremonies that go against his faith and beliefs. Cocote looks at the question of how religions influence society in the Dominican Republic. In hypnotic pictures, the film captures traditional rituals and lets the voices speak for themselves. A visually powerful and poetic journey into the world of faith.


Nelson Carlo De Los Santos (*1985), a native Dominican, studied camerawork in Buenos Aires and Edinburgh. His essay film Santa Teresa Y Otra Historias was shown at numerous festivals and won several awards.




Fiction Feature



Argentina, Dominican Republic, Germany, Qatar


106 min

OV with English subtitles

Nelson Carlo de los Santos Arias

Nelson Carlo de los Santos Arias

Vicente Santos, Judith Rodriguez, Yuberbi De La Rosa, Pedro Sierra, Isabel Spencer, Jose Miguel Fernandez

Fernando Santos Díaz, Christoph Friedel, Lukas V. Rinner

Roman Kasseroller

Nelson Carlo de los Santos Arias

Nahuel Palenque

Natalia Aponte


Guasabara Cine; Nabis Filmgroup; Pandora Film Produktion

Fiorella Moretti - Hedi Zardi, Luxbox: festivals@luxboxfilms.com

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