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OT: Chimeras

Mika Mattila // Finland, Sweden, People's Republic of China, 2014
Documentary Feature // FF2014
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Documentary: Wang Guangyi is one of the founding fathers of contemporary Chinese art and a celebrity of the international art scene. Liu Gang is a young, rising photo artist on the brink of a breakthrough. Both artists are struggling with the dichotomy of the demands of the art market on the one hand and the desire to make original Chinese art on the other. While multi-millionaire Wang suffers a philosophical crisis, newcomer Liu tries to find a pragmatic approach. The double portrait Chimeras is more than just two artists’ biographies, but also sketches the precise profile of a Chinese identity crisis.


Mika Mattila (*1974) was born in Finland and studied film in Tampere. After graduating, he lived and worked as a cameraman for several years in China. Today he commutes between Helsinki and Beijing.




Documentary Feature


Asia Express//FF2014

Finland, Sweden, People's Republic of China


90 min

OV with English subtitles

Mika Mattila

Mika Mattila

Markku Niska

Mika Mattila

Mikko Sippola, Mika Mattila

Juha Hakanen

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