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Some Like It Veiled

OT: Cherchez la femme

Sou Abadi // France, 2017
Fiction Feature // FF2017
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Armand and Leila are a couple and would like to go to New York to do a practical at the United Nations. But everything is put on hold when Leila’s brother Mahmoud comes back from Yemen – complete with beard and prayer beads. He condemns his sister’s Western lifestyle and forbids her to have contact with her boyfriend. Armand goes on the offensive. In reality a left-wing radical activist, he gets hold of a niqab and pretends to be Leila’s female Islam tutor. The trick works – a little too well, for Mahmoud falls head over heels for his sister’s pious Muslim tutor. Some Like It Veiled is an extremely funny, politically incorrect anarcho-comedy.


At 15, SOU ABADI (*1968) moved from Iran to France and worked at first as an editor. In 2002, her documentary SOS Tehran won much acclaim. Some Like It Veiled is her debut feature.



Cherchez la femme

Fiction Feature

Arabic, French




87 min

OV with German subtitles

Sou Abadi

Sou Abadi

Felix Moati, Camélia Jordana, William Lebghil

Michaël Gentile

Yves Angelo

Virginie Bruant

Jerome Rebotier

Denis Gautelier

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