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Charlotte Rampling - The Look

OT: Charlotte Rampling - The Look

Angelina Maccarone // Germany, France, 2011
Documentary Feature // FF2011
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Breaker of taboos, icon avant-gardist – to capture the persona Rampling is a cinematic adventure that can only succeed by being as brave as she has been throughout her career. Staged in countless films and photographs as the classic “object of desire”, The Look takes on her perspective, we see the world through her eyes. Far beyond anecdotic trivia or linear biography Charlotte Rampling fearlessly fathoms the major questions of life with companions and soul mates such as Peter Lindbergh and Paul Auster.


Angelina Maccarone, (*1965) was born in Cologne, Germany. She works as a director for TV and teaches directing at the Academy of Film and Television in Berlin.



Charlotte Rampling - The Look

Documentary Feature

English, French


Germany, France


94 min


Angelina Maccarone

Michael Trabitzsch, Gerd Haag, Serge Lalou, Charlotte Uzu

Bernd Meiners, Judith Kaufmann

Bettina Böhler

Inge Classen (3SAT)

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