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Cesar's Grill

OT: Cesars Grill

Darío Aguirre // Germany, Switzerland, 2013
Documentary Feature // FF2013
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Documentary Darío Aguirre was supposed to take over his father’s grill restaurant in Ecuador. Instead, he went to Hamburg to make films. 10 years later, he gets a phone call from home: the restaurant is on the verge of bankruptcy. Dario flies home – a passionate vegetarian with the intention of saving the livelihood of his passionately carnivorous father. An almost impossible mission begins, as whimsical as it is moving, and it soon becomes clear that it’s not just the grill that is in crisis. A film about a run-down family business becomes a film about the family itself. Screening on 28.09. in attendance of: Darío Aguirre (Director)


DARIO AGUIRRE (*1979) comes from Ecuador and has lived in Germany since 2000. From 2001 to 2006, he studied visual communication/media at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg. In 2013, FILMFEST HAMBURG showed his documentary César's Grill.



Cesars Grill

Documentary Feature



Germany, Switzerland


88 min

OV with German subtitles

Darío Aguirre

Darío Aguirre

Thomas Tielsch

Santiago Oviedo

Julia Drache

Daniel Almada

Monika Schäfer (NDR)

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