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Buenos Aires al Pacífico

OT: Buenos Aires al Pacífico

Mariano Donoso // Argentina, 2018
Documentary Feature // FF2018



ESSAY On the trail of a disused stretch of railway, a hypnotic documentary full of lyricism.In 1910, the railway line between Buenos Aires and Valparaiso was put into operation. With just one ticket, passengers could travel not only from Argentina to Chile, but also commute between two oceans. In 1979, the last train clattered along the tracks, which have been disintegrating ever since, along with the memories. Director Mariano Donoso begins an associative search for traces. He interweaves the story of the railway with the history of Argentina, personal memories and the magic of cinema to form a beautifully lyrical kaleidoscope.




Buenos Aires al Pacífico

Documentary Feature





98 min

OV with English subtitles

Mariano Donoso

Mariana Guzzante, Mariano Donoso Makowski

Griselda Makowski, Julia Donoso, Tomás Donoso, Christian Kupchik, Néstor Flores, Victor Ramos

Mariana Guzzante, Emma Saccavino Ganem

Mariano Donoso Makowski, Lucas Kalik

Mariano Donoso Makowski, Manuel Alonso

Mariano Donoso Makowski

El Zonda cine

Mariana Guzzante: mguzzante@gmail.com

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