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Buena Vida Delivery

OT: Buena Vida Delivery

Leonardo Di Cesare // Argentina, 2004
Fiction Feature // FF2004



Leonardo Di Cesare’s directorial debut is a parable about the survival of the increasingly impoverished middle classes in Argentina. The story of Hernan, a courier, who thinks he has found a nice new girlfriend, only to end up with her, her entire family and a snack factory in his apartment in Buenos Aires. This lively comedy is full of surprises and Kafkaesque absurdities. Winner of the awards for best film and best screenplay in Mar del Plata.



Buena Vida Delivery

Fiction Feature





94 min


Leonardo Di Cesare

Leonardo Di Cesare, Hans Garrino

Ignacio Toselli, Moro Anghileri, Oscar Nunez, Alicia Palmes

Sabina Sigler, Leonardo Di Cesare

Leandro Martinez

Liliana Nadal

Sebastian Volco, Pablo Della Maggiora

Graciela Fraguglia

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