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Brother Dejan

OT: Brat Dejan

Bakur Bakuradze // Russian Federation, Serbia, 2015
Fiction Feature // FF2015



Dejan Stanic was a general in the Balkan War. For ten years, he has been hiding from the UN war crimes tribunal in various military camps. Accomplices help him to switch from one secret location to the next. His latest hiding place is Slavko’s house. Slavko is an old man who lives in a small mountain village. Dejan is suffering from the extreme isolation and flashbacks from his past. Wearily, he tries to accustom himself to his new surroundings. But the political situation has changed. Dejan is increasingly hunted in Serbia too. It’s high time he acted. Brother Dejan is a contemplative drama, consisting of rigidly ordered tableaux and an aesthetic reminiscent of a documentary.


BAKUR BAKURADZE (*1969 in Tiflis, Georgien) studied film at the state university in Moscow. His first two full-length films Shultes (2008) and The Hunter (2011) were both shown at Cannes.


Brat Dejan

Fiction Feature

Russian, Serbian


Russian Federation, Serbia


113 min

OV with English subtitles

Bakur Bakuradze

Bakur Bakuradze, Ilya Malakhova

Marko Nikolic, Misa Tirinda

Julia Mishkinene, Sergey Selyanov, Miroslav Mogorovic, Zaur Bolotaev, Alexandr Plotnikov

Nikolai Vavilov

Ru Hasanov, Ilya Malakhova

Nikola Bercek


Vita Aktiva

Vita Aktiva, ART&POPCORN

Marianna Morgovskaia, Vita Aktiva: morgovskaia@gmail.com

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