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Bonnie & Bonnie

OT: Bonnie & Bonnie

Ali Hakim // Germany, 2019
Fiction Feature // FF2019



A female Bonnie & Clyde in Hamburg: two young girls fight for their love and break away from their previous lives. Yara and Kiki belong to rival gangs in the Hamburg quarter of Wilhelmsburg. When the two girls fall in love, they have to keep it absolutely secret – their gangs and above all Yara’s Albanian family mustn’t know. But soon a phone video turns up on the Internet that gives the secret relationship away. Yara and Kiki go all in. They rob a kiosk, steal a car and go on the run – pursued by the police and Yara’s father.


ALI HAKIM (*1989) came with his family from Afghanistan to Germany and grew up in Wilhelmsburg. In 2011, he founded the production company Let’s Be Awesome. Bonnie & Bonnie is his debut feature and was made as part of the »Nordlichter« programme of NDR, FFHSH and nordmedia.


Bonnie & Bonnie

Fiction Feature


Hamburger Filmschau//FF2019



90 min


Ali Hakim

Ali Hakim, Maike Rasch

Emma Drogunova, Sarah Mahita, Slavko Popadic, Kasem Hoxha, Emma Torner, Miguel Ribeiro Da Saude, Milena Tscharntke

Michael Eckelt, Johannes Jancke

Rodja Kükenthal

Janina Gerkens

Andreas Bruhn, Christian Frank, Andreas Bruhn, Christian Frank, Yoshua, Emily Fröhling, B. Fischer, Zoe Bruhn, Julian Maas, Haillie Wallas, Mosa & Alphamob

Sabine Dotzauer

Daniela Mussgiller (NDR), Mara Neuber (NDR)

Edition Salzgeber

Riva Filmproduktion

Frances Hill, Edition Salzgeber: dispo@salzgeber.de

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