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Body of Truth

OT: Body of Truth

Evelyn Schels // Germany, Switzerland, 2019
Documentary Feature // FF2019



DOCUMENTARY Strong, radical and provocative: the film accompanies four female artists on a fascinating, emotional journey through their pasts. Their life stories are marked by social conflict and personal experiences of war, violence and repression – which they turn into political art: Serbian performance artist Marina Abramović, israeli sculptress Sigalit Landau, German photographer Katharina Sieverding and Iranian media artist Shirin Neshat come from different cultures, but have a common, radical unwillingness to compromise. Their means of expression are the most personal they have: their bodies.


EVELYN SCHELS works as a documentary film-maker for TV and cinema. In 2013, she presented her film portrait Georg Baselitz.


Body of Truth

Documentary Feature

English, German


Germany, Switzerland


96 min

OV with German subtitles

Evelyn Schels

Evelyn Schels

Marina Abramović, Sigalit Landau, Shirin Neshat, Katharina Sieverding

Arek Gielnik, Sonia Otto, Co-Prod.: Sonja Kilbertus, Urs Schnell, Dietmar Ratsch

Börres Weiffenbach

Ulrike Tortora

Christoph Rinnert

Simone Reuter, Urs Augstburger, Sven Wälti, Sandra Roth, Anita Hugi, Edit Pinkas

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