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Bella Block – Stich ins Herz

OT: Bella Block – Stich ins Herz

Stephan Wagner // Germany, 2011
Fiction Feature // FF2011



For the first time Bella Block knows the dead victim: it is the pregnant niece of one of her closest friends. This fact makes her more vulnerable but she also tends to think that aging is responsible for her heightened sensitivity. It is just that which helps her finding the murderer, when noone else has a clue. Keeping up the tension until the end, this intelligent, claustrophobic thriller also tackles questions like: Are killers sick or do they act consciously? Are love and trust reliable values?


Stephan Wagner (*1968) studied directing and screenwriting at the film academy in Vienna, while working as an assistant director for Peter Patzak. Many of his films won prestigious awards.


Bella Block – Stich ins Herz

Fiction Feature





88 min


Stephan Wagner

Stephan Wagner

Hannelore Hoger, Sebastian Koch, Anna Schudt, Devid Striesow, Maren Kroymann, Annika Blendl, C

Norbert Sauer, Cornelia Wecker

Thomas Benesch

Ingo Ehrlich

Ali N. Askin

Zazie Knepper

Pit Rampelt


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