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Bella Block- Die Freiheit der Wölfe

OT: Bella Block- Die Freiheit der Wölfe

Christian von Castelberg // 2003
Fiction Feature // FF2004



Popular TV police inspector Bella Block (Hannelore Hoger) is having problems: she’s accused of being cynical at work, and of being selfish at home. And she’s completely in the dark in the case of an escaped serial killer who seems to have committed another killing. Her only lead is to a woman („Good-bye, Lenin“-Star Katrin Sass) who regularly visited the killer in prison. A delicate psychogram of desperate longings and ruined lives.


CHRISTIAN VON CASTELBERG (*1955) studied in Zurich, before working as a director for TV shows and advertising. Since the beginning of the 1990s, he has made numerous TV films, including Weiße Nächte, Die Mörderin, Doppelter Einsatz, Tatort and Bella Block.


Bella Block- Die Freiheit der Wölfe

Fiction Feature



98 min


Christian von Castelberg

Katrin Bühlig

Hannelore Hoger, Rudolf Kowalski, Katrin Sass, Karoline Eichhorn

Malte Grunert

Dragan Roguli

Lina Freitag

Ralf Wienlich

Maximillian Johannsmann

Pit Rampelt


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