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OT: Beats

Brian Welsh // United Kingdom, 2019
Fiction Feature // FF2019



The last night of a friendship and an explosion of new youth culture: a British music drama with a touch of Trainspotting has the screen booming. 1994 in a grey Scottish provincial town. Johnno and Spanner are hooked on beats. Every new techno track is celebrated by the two friends and recorded off the radio. Their lives are at the crossroads: while Johnno, whose stepfather’s a policeman, is moving to a new town with his family, Spanner, who lives with his criminal brother, faces an uncertain future. An illegal rave offers one last night of anarchy and freedom.


BRIAN WELSH (*1981) studied at the National Film and Television School in England and presented his debut Kin in 2009. He‘s made a series of TV films and won an Emmy for an episode of Black Mirror. Beats is his second feature film.




Fiction Feature



United Kingdom


98 min

OV with German subtitles

Brian Welsh

Keiran Hurley, Brian Welsh, basierend auf dem Stück 'Beats' von Keiran Hurley

Christian Ortega, Lorn MacDonald, Laura Fraser, Brian Ferguson, Ross Mann, Gemma McElhinney, Amy Manson, Rachel Jackson, Neil Leiper, Kevin Mains, Stephen McCole, Josh Whitelaw, Ryan Fletcher, Patrick McAlindon, Martin Donaghy

Camilla Bray

Ben Kracun

Robin Hill

Keith McIvor, Stephen Hindman, Penelope Trappes

Victor Molero, Stephen Mason


Rosetta Productions

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