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OT: Banklady

Christian Alvart // Germany, 2013
Fiction Feature // FF2013
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Hamburg in the early 1960s: Gisela Werler (Nadeshda Brennicke), 30, is a shrinking violet who works in a wallpaper factory. When she gets to know Hermann Wittorff (Charly Hübner), her life changes immediately. Hermann and his mate are bank robbers. At first, Gisela just helps out, but soon she is the driving force behind their criminal careers. She leaves the old Gisela behind and starts a double life as a mundane “bank lady”: in expensive coats and shoes, wig and sunglasses, she piles up more and more money. The papers make her into a sex symbol and the whole country is mystified: who is this woman? Gisela takes ever greater risks for the sake of her new life, her freedom and her love for Herrmann. Screening on 29.09. in attendance of: Christian Alvart (Director), Sigi Kamml (Producer), Nadeshda Brennicke, Charly Hübner, Andreas Schmidt (Cast)


Christian Alvart (*1974) directed several episodes of Tatort, including the first starring Till Schweiger as Nick Tschiller in 2013. In 2010, his first Hollywood production Case 39 was shown in German cinemas.




Fiction Feature





117 min

OV with English subtitles

Christian Alvart

Christoph Silber, Kai Hafemeister

Nadeshda Brennicke, Charly Hübner, Ken Duken, Andreas Schmidt, Heinz Hoenig, Henny Reents, Niels Bruno Schmidt

Sigi Kamml, Christian Alvart

Ngo The Chau

Sebastian Bonde, Philipp Stahl, Christian Alvart

Steffen Kahles, Christoph Blaser, Michl Britsch

Birgit Kniep-Gentis, Gabriella Ausonio

Thomas Schreiber (NDR), Sabine Holtgreve (NDR), Claudia Grässel (ARD Degeto), Andreas Schreitmüller (ARTE)

Studiocanal Germany

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Syrreal Entertainment GmbH; Studiocanal Germany

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